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Bosniak Classification for Complex Renal Cysts Reevaluated: A Systematic Review

  • Schoots IG,
  • Zaccai K,
  • Hunink MG,
  • Verhagen PCMS.

Publication: J Urol. , Volume 198, Issue 1, July 2017, Pages 12-21

Editorial comment from Piotr Chlosta

In a systematic review evaluating Bosniak classification system for complex renal cysts, the authors conclude that its effectiveness was high for categories II, IIF and IV, whereas low for category III. In category III, surgical overtreatment rate was 49% because of benign pathology. This, together with good oncological outcomes of Bosniak III cysts might suggest that surveillance could be an alternative approach for consideration in this group, warranting further studies to assess safety of surveillance strategy.