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Intrarenal renin-angiotensin system in hypertensive patients with localized kidney cancer

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In the last decade, the relationship between arterial hypertension and the risk of developing kidney cancer has been pointed out. Some studies have shown that the metabolic imbalance of the components of the renal renin-angiotensin system (RAS) is associated with the development and progression of kidney cancer. Aim: To study the state of RAS in tumor and peritumoral tissues in hypertensive patients with kidney cancer.

In patients with localized kidney cancer T1N0M0 and grade I-II arterial hypertension without special treatment (n = 40; KC + AH) in the samples of tumor (TT), peritumoral (PTT) and histologically unchanged tissue (HUT), the levels of angiotensin 1 and 2, 1-7 (AT1 and AT2, AT (1-7)) of angiotensin-converting enzymes (ACE and ACE2) were determined by ELISA. The comparison group consisted of patients with RC without impaired blood pressure (n = 55, KC).

In patients with KC, the level of AT1 is 1.5 times higher (p < 0.05), and AT2 is 1.6 times higher (p < 0.05) in TT against the background of unchanged content in PTT compared with HUT. The level of ACE is higher than HUT by 2.7 times, ACE2 – by 1.6 times (in all cases p < 0.05), and in PTT it is identical in HUT. In patients with KC + AH, the level of AT1 and AT2 in the TT is 1.8 times higher (p < 0.05) and 2.1 times (p < 0.01), respectively, the content of AT(1-7) is 1.6 times (p < 0.01). In PTT, AT1 is 1.6 times higher (p < 0.01) and AT2 is 1.9 times higher (p < 0.05), significantly lower than only AT2 in the TT (1.2 times at p < 0, 05). The level of AT(1-7) in the PTT is identical to the values in the GNT. The content of ACE and ACE2 in TT is 3.6 and 2.9 times higher, respectively, and in PTT is identical to that in TT. Correlation analysis revealed a reliable direct relationship in the studied groups for all parameters, while in the PTT of hypertensive patients, the relationship between the average blood pressure and the RAS peptide content had a higher tightness.

An increase in the levels of angiotensin 1 and 2, angiotensin-converting enzymes ACE and ACE2 in the tumor tissues and peritumoral tissue in patients with localized kidney cancer, regardless of the presence of arterial hypertension at initially higher values in hypertensive patients, was shown. The presence of arterial hypertension in patients with KC changes the metabolism of local RAS in peritumoral tissue and is associated with an increase in the correlation between changes in the components of RAS and arterial hypertension.